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Kumar Vishwas - A Dropout Poet Politican and A Youth Icon For Sure

Kumar Vishwas isn't only a standard big name whom everyone knows, except a significant fascinating and bright character. The more you became more acquainted with about him, the more inquisitive you progress toward becoming at a certain point, you would discover him a resolute enthusiastic revolutionist and at another, you would discover him caught in debates of lewd behavior and copyright infringement.

He is a school teacher turned writer, social lobbyist and a government official. He is best known for his speech aptitudes and ballads. Not that legislators don't compose sonnets or artists could never get into governmental issues, yet being similarly great in both is a significant uncommon thing. In any case, this is the thing that you expect from an inconsistent Aquarian.

Kumar Vishwas isn't only a little time artist doing verse as a diversion, be that as it may, he is a writer of universal notoriety. His fan following isn't constrained to India as it were. He is a global execution writer who has performed in Dubai, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. He is fundamentally an artist of the Shringara Ras-composes on magnificence, love, sentiment, and fascination. Be that as it may, he composes on different issues too, for example, debasement, barbarities against ladies, ladies strengthening and patriotism.

In the wake of building up himself as a prestigious Hindi writer, he effectively took an interest in different hostile to defilement developments and now, he is the National Executive of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Vishwas has dependably been in the news for something or the other. What's fascinating is, things like him supporting Anna Hazare's hostile to defilement drive are not the same as what he has been in news for all the more frequently, for example, affirmed sex outrages, copyright infringement charges and once in a while, open feedback of AAP's arrangements. We should look at how bright the life of Kumar Vishwas is, in spite of the fact that let me caution you, you dislike each one of those hues.

Dr. Vishwas Kumar Sharma, otherwise called Dr. Kumar Vishwas was conceived in a Gaur Brahmin family in a residential community, Pilkhuwa, Ghaziabad. His dad was a school educator and mother a housewife.

He is most youthful among the 5 kin. He has 3 siblings and a sister. Obliging to his dad's desire, he joined MNIT, Allahabad, one of the rumored building schools in India, to end up noticeably a designer. Be that as it may, machines didn't intrigue him. In this way, he cleared outbuilding and took after his heart to consider writing and make a vocation in verse.

Dr. Kumar Vishwas left the building in the middle of to seek after a profession in verse and writing. He finished his lords and Ph.D. in Hindi writing.

Vishwas finished his lords in Hindi writing and went ahead to procure a Ph. D. His underlying calling in 1994 was that of an educator in Rajasthan. Aside from being a Hindi educator at a degree school, he used to take an interest in Kavi Sammelans crosswise over India and abroad also. In 2012, he exited his instructing occupation to end up plainly a full-time artist, social activist and a lawmaker.


Amid the 2013 Delhi gathering decisions, a media gateway surfaced a sting operation video and guaranteed that senior AAP pioneers, including Kumar Vishwas, had raised illicit gifts. It was a major amazement in light of the fact that AAP was the gathering that rose to distinction sustaining on its hostile to debasement motivation. AAP rejected these assertions as unmerited and marked the videotapes as doctored. Afterward, that media entryway and AAP chose to battle the fight in court against each other. According to the most recent advancements, this case is still in the courts.

He was by and by in the news, and that too to something negative when a video cut from a Kavi Sammelan he went to surfaced on the web. Vishwas was seen heaving censorious comments at Imam Hussain, Hindu goddesses, and Kerala medical caretakers. The unfavorable video clearly became a web sensation. There were some legitimate affirmations against him. This time, there was no backtalk tossed. The man knew his breaking point. He apologized for having harmed individuals' suppositions unexpectedly. Likewise, he guaranteed that the video cut was doctored to misdirect the overall population. In the end that shocking occurrence went far from anyone's regular field of vision and he was as dynamic and famous as some time recently.

The trip of a kid from Pilkhuwa with his straightforward life and basic victories like turning into a famous writer and an educator, to a legislator in the most youthful gathering of the nation, is to be sure memorable. Kumar Vishwas has experienced numerous undesirable embarrassments and contentions however he has transcended them all unfailingly.

His certainty, ingenuity, self-conviction and obviously, his distinction that let him meet the ideal individuals at the perfect time, prompted numerous triumphs.

In this way, it is dependent upon you to choose who is the "genuine" Kumar Vishwas. A writing sweetheart and a skilled artist who is additionally a government official, or a very surprising individual who has most likely attacked ladies and been included with defilement while asserting to be a leader in the Anti-Corruption Movement.