Aspiring Leaders

Rahul Gandhi - Prince of Politics

Rahul Gandhi made his entrance into legislative issues in 2004 by reporting that he would challenge May 2004 races, remaining for his dad's previous voting public of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh (UP) in the Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament). The seat had been held by his mom Sonia Gandhi until the point that she moved to the neighboring seat of Rae Bareilly in the northern state.

2006: Managed his mom's crusade for re-race to Rae Bareilly, which was won with a triumph edge of more than 400,000 votes.

2007: He was a noticeable figure in the Congress' battle for the UP Assembly decisions. Congress, in any case, won just 22 seats of the 403 seats with 8.53 for each penny of votes.

He was elected General Secretary of All India Congress Committee on Sept 24, 2007, out of a reshuffle of the gathering secretariat. In a similar reshuffle, he was likewise given charge of Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India.

2008: Senior Congress pioneer Veerappa Moily specified 'Rahul-as-PM' thought when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was abroad. He was lifted to the position of the VP of the gathering in January 2013.

2009: In the Lok Sabha races, Rahul held his Amethi situate by vanquishing his closest opponent by an edge of more than 370,000 votes. He was credited with Congress restoration in UP where the gathering won 21 out of the aggregate 80 Lok Sabha seats.

Battled amid the 2012 UP authoritative gathering races for right around two months, holding 200 energizes. Be that as it may, the Congress developed as the fourth party in the state, winning 28 situates, an expansion of six seats from the past 2007 races.

Challenged the 2014 general races from his voting public Amethi and drove the race battle of Congress. He held the Amethi situate by vanquishing his closest adversary, Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Smriti Irani, by a diminished edge of 107,000 votes.

Under his authority, Congress endured its most exceedingly awful ever execution in decisions and won just 44 seats contrasted with 206 seats won already in the 2009 general race.

In February 2015, he went on a time away to an "undisclosed area to think about both late occasions identified with the gathering and its future course". Subsequent to returning, he tended to the agriculturist and specialist's rally, named as 'Kisan Khet Mazdoor Rally' in Ramlila Maidan on April 19, 2015. The rally was gone to by 100,000 individuals. In his discourse, he reprimanded PM Narendra Modi on his remark in Toronto where he said that he was "cleaning the wreckage made by past governments."

On November 24th, Rahul Gandhi, who is presently sure to wind up the leader of the Indian National Congress, was so moved by low maintenance instructor's grievance in Ahmedabad of insufficient compensation that he got off the stage, went up to her and embraced her. It was a moving motion; the instructor, Ranjana Avasthi, and maybe the greater part of her family and a considerable lot of those present in the gathering of people that day, may well vote in favor of him for whatever is left of their lives. It was near as though the 47-year-old pioneer, regularly called a 'sovereign' in both adoration and scorn, had been struck hard by that experience with anguish, much the same as another beneficiary numerous hundreds of years sooner who had revoked the world and turned into a priest. Be that as it may, Rahul Gandhi's blessed vessel is political power, which, similar to his dad, he regarded as hemlock at first and like him has now warmed up to.