Political Campaign Tools

Me Bhi Neta totally understands the impact of a perfect political campaign to register a party’s presence in the minds of voters. And for that impactful perfect content, we understand how important it is to use correct political campaigning tools. And we at Me Bhi Neta provide you a professionally perfect service with professionally perfect people with plenty of experience in their respective teams. So, we give you a political campaign of your dreams and you get the result of your dreams.

What Tools we Provide?
Online Marketing

There is a line used for present world and that is if you want to be in the race, you need to be online and it perfectly fits. So we professionals sitting at Me Bhi Neta give you a full-fledged online marketing which helps you be in the political market. We launch online adds and promotions across hundreds of websites, which helps you get more seen in the public, the reason being the consumption of these websites simultaneously all the time.

Twitter Handel

Twitter is not only a word but a world, millions and millions of people tweeting their thoughts, opinions, promotions every day using millions and millions of hashtags all equally powerful. So, we at Me Bhi Neta give best men in the business recognized for their skills on Twitter. Our professionals help you choose the correct, accurate and equally impactful words and even more impactful hashtags.

Facebook Fan Page

According to Facebook, India has maximum numbers of active Facebook members and hence we can imagine how much crowed can be attracted by maintaining a Facebook page. So, at Me Bhi Neta your facebook page will be maintained by experienced professionals who know very well how to attract attention.

Maintaining a Linkedin Profile

Me Bhi Neta maintains a LinkedIn profile for you. Because every one person coming in employment age in the country has a profile on LinkedIn and it is an awesome platform for connecting to young people who need employment and when they will see you are giving them jobs, they will for sure come to your side.

A Youtube Channel for Political Promotion

Today’s time is not much favorable for TV or radio but it’s time for video on demand and there is no doubt that youtube has played the most important role in that. And hence, if you want to plan a perfectly successful political campaign, youtube can’t be excluded from that. So, Me Bhi Neta takes full responsibility to create and maintain a youtube channel for you where your rallies will be broadcasted live and video messages and public visit videos will be uploaded to let people in your be aware of your work and efforts for them.

An Instagram Account

Apart from other social networking sites, Me Bhi Neta will also maintain an Instagram account for you as it is becoming a worldwide social sensation and is very useful in connecting to people by modern standards. We will share your public gathering pictures and mini videos of your public visit and discussions and will tell them about your other social networking platforms.

Building a Followers Base

In today's world, if you want to be hit, you need to be followed. And we at Me Bhi Neta will totally help you build your follower base and will ensure that more and more people of all age groups, caste, class, and culture could hear your thoughtful words and action plans built for them and can connect to you more and more.

Use of Graphics & Animation

Me Bhi Neta do use graphics and animation to build attractive and impactful adds. Because we all love attractive things and animation and graphics will capture the minds of people of all age groups and you will stay in their minds for long.

Promotional Mails, Texts, & Calls

Me Bhi Neta firm provides another impactful political campaigning tool that will register you in the minds of voters. We send promotional mails, texts and calls to the people of your constituency and will inform them about you and your covenants and what they will get if they vote for you.