Targeted Marketing

Me Bhi Neta understands the power of targeted marketing which gives you the power to reach 100% of your target audience 100% of the time. We target specific groups with a particular interest with a particular pace. We will use different tools of political campaigning and we will use them differently for different groups of people.

What Does This Mean?

This means Me Bhi Neta will choose target audience based on their age caste, class, working pattern and will use political tools differently with different groups. We will use add tactics and online promotions keeping in mind the age group, caste, and class and will design different adds for all the groups and that will capture their minds and votes in an instance and you will have an edge over your oppositions.

Who Are The Targets?
Young Minds, First Targets

Young minds will be the first target and the most vulnerable targets. Me Bhi Neta makes the best campaign for targeted youth using more and color and culture as well as things with intended motivation which attracts them like a magnet and they will start believing in you and you seal the deal.

Small Scale Workers in The Region

Me Bhi Neta will also provide a full-fledged separate campaigning for small-scale workers in your constituency as they are also vulnerable and their work directly affects the infrastructure of your constituency. We will design adds that will explain them what will they get by voting you and this will help their minds and hearts connect with you and hence more votes will be attracted to you.

Door to Door Talking Sessions With Housewives

Housewives do play an important role in the social scenario of a region and in order establish a complete victory over an entire region, talking to housewives and understanding their issues and expectations. So, Me Bhi Neta will be there at your each and every step and will let sail through smoothly and will attract a maximum number of voters.

Ip Targeted Marketing

Me Bhi Neta firm will provide the client with the best IP targeted marketing which will target different groups of people using internet with different promotions which can quench their particular fields of interest which will directly inform them about how beneficial they will be if they vote for you.

Keeping The Voters Informed About News Related to You

Me Bhi Neta will create a daily news slot on your political campaigning website and will publish daily progress and news material related to you and that’s how people in your constituency will be well informed and updated about their leader.

What Will You Get?

With all of the targets vulnerable to your political campaign being covered, people of your constituency will be well informed about you which gives you a sure edge over your competitors and you definitely will pop up in the minds of voters during voting as a leader who totally understands them and their interest and their minds will automatically show their finger your button and you got the vote.