Political Campaign Websites
Why Do You Need it?

Sitting in the 21st century we can’t expect to run a campaign with printing adds in newspapers and TV. With technology moving faster than ever where artificial intelligence is even making robot politicians, politics is no longer a game of TV, the newspaper ads, and rallies. especially in a country like India where average age is 27 and known to be the youngest country in the world, you have to match up with minds of these youngsters and for that internet is the biggest lifeline, because honestly hardly 10% of these youngsters invest their time in newspapers and with internet now they are not so much on TV either. Because they know they have everything at a click, so why will they be interested in seeing your add interrupting their programme. So come to the world of wide web and we help you make your campaign perfectly successful .We at Me Bhi Neta are here to give you a website to match up with the campaign of your dreams and you get the result of your dreams. We provide a variety of services including search engine optimization, target rich content development, building and maintaining the website throughout the campaign and web hosting.

What Impact Does it Have?

Creating a website for your election campaign or for any other political agenda is a must today. Because people these days are even searching the names for their kid then what you think will they do for a political campaign. Secondly, this is not something you are forcing on them like in newspaper or TV where they have to see the add and don’t have the option to scroll down which no one living in this age like. If someone is choosing to see your website that directly means, he is interested in your campaign and for sure liking it. This can give you a direct idea of what people like and what not by simply giving it a huge number of clicks. And Me Bhi Neta is here to ensure that they do click on your website and give your campaign a big thumbs up.

What Do We Do at Me Bhi Neta?
Perfect Polling & Market Research

We at Me Bhi Neta provide with most accurate past polling data as well as market research. We analyze, amend and present with the most up to date data research to keep you two steps ahead of your opposition.

Understanding The Mood of The Voters

We at Me Bhi Neta helps you understand the mood of the voters of your constituency. We can run a program of a door to door questionnaire in which questions about their expectations and previous issues would be included which will help us understand the mood better.

Live Chat/Video Chat

We at Me Bhi Neta will provide you the option of live chat or a more effective live video chat with the people of your constituency by installing big screens in the nearby park for a day and inviting them to the live session and share their expectations and issues with their eligible leader face to face.

User Friendly Website

We make your website absolutely user-friendly and a butter walks for the users and you, in turn, will have more and more voters in your vote bank.

A Colorful Journey

As we know that India is a land of colors and we all do love colors and hence we at Me Bhi Neta provide a website full of colors where the users will be attracted by its vibrancy and will not be able to resist their fingers from going deep down.

Suggestions Are Always Welcomed

We will provide you a website no less powerful than facebook or twitter, want to know how?

By creating options for youth to create their personal ids and give them the chance to be with us not only as voters but as helping hands, stringers who will give their valuable suggestions being in between the minds and voices of voters to make the campaign a boosting success over others.

Exercise Charcha

We the professionals of Me Bhi Neta came up with an interesting idea for our client. We will organize a discussion at nearby parks during morning exercise. This idea will help you a large variety of people from young to old, fat to fit, educated to uneducated, intellectuals to service men as well as house makers. Because as India is going fat to fit, we can cover a large spectrum of people with the different mindset which can help us consume more minds in less time.

Shiksha Sangharsh

We the professionals of Me Bhi Neta came up with another interesting idea for our clients to take them a step ahead of the opponents. As we know India is moving fastly towards literacy and hence education system in your area as the leader needs to be perfect. So according to this idea, you will visit nearby schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to ensure the system and quality of education being provided.

Photographic & Video Display of The Meetings at Your Website

We at Me Bhi Neta will help you keep your website fully updated by regularly posting photos and videos of the meetings and public appearance to let people know where have you been.

Feedback is Always Needed

We are living in the world’s biggest democracy where discussion is feeding it the fuel and no doubt feedback is an integral part of it. So we at Me Bhi Neta gives the users full freedom to argue, oppose and give at heart feedback.