Procedure Arranging 
Each fruitful battle has its establishment in the key arrangement. Me Bhi Neta group creates fastidious timetables with the clear portrayal of what is to be accomplished and what vital advances must be taken to help dispatch your party and agenda to voters long ways past the breaking points of rivalry.

Me Bhi Neta group starts with exhaustive research on your party and your political campaigning, its offerings, recognition in the market, focused investigation and all the convincing issues that you require addressing. The group, at that point, proceeds onward, to comprehend who your target voter is and what their review and listening propensities are. This is fundamental to building up an effective and equally successful political campaign.

Our administrators and media directors at Me Bhi Neta share a magnificent compatibility with the editors and columnists on various beats whom they way to deal with pitch your stories upheld by innovative substance composing. Serious subsequent meet-ups and steadiness with the media bring about quality scope broadly. Our group just never surrenders and gets the coveted outcomes for every one of our clients.

Memorandum Advancement
Me Bhi Neta’s accomplished media-mentor takes you through a well laid out correspondences workshop to enable you to recognize your intended interest groups, the key issues and build up your key message. Our accomplished authors at that point get on to the activity and compose the press material in a way that arouses the enthusiasm of the media and conveys straightforwardly to your different target groups of onlookers. The Creative approach of our team enhances the significant knowledge picked up from the exploration based investigation in the initial step, to innovatively position you, your party and agenda among voters, and help create sound subjects and storylines that will shape the discernment both of the media and your voters.

Assessment & Results
The genuine incentive in PR isn't that it is cheap - the reality it is significant. It isn't conceivable to put a cost on the esteem got from the trust and validity made in the psyche of the voter by supports from all around regarded media vehicles. Me Bhi Neta utilizes help you effectively contrast the accomplishment of its program with the consequences of your key rivals. Our customers commonly encounter achievements of 100% media footing, message clearness, and nature of the campaign.

So, that’s how Me Bhi Neta will be there planning and lighting path, as your victory is our sole purpose.


1 Data Analytics to use primary and secondary data to build actionable insights
2 Voter Sentiment Analysis to identify steps to be taken for better results
3 Geospatial Analysis to pinpoint geographical division of data and impact of the same
4 Statistical Modelling for forecasts and case-by-case predictions
5 Opinion and Behaviour Analysis to better track public opinion
6 Social Media Mining to identify trends in opinion and focus on adequate measures